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Local Areas

  • Apollo Bay

    Apollo Bay- Chocolate Gannets

    Apollo Bay is centrally located on the Great Ocean Road with many surf, bathing and fishing beaches only a short drive away.

  • 12 Apostles

    12 Apostles - Chocolate Gannets

    The 12 Apostles are just past Port Campbell which is a 90 minute drive along the Great Ocean Road passing through Lavers Hill and Princetown.

  • Sandy Beaches

    Sandy Beaches - Chocolate Gannets

    Sandy Beaches are a plenty for you to walk, play, swim, fish, surf, sun and enjoy with family, friends and loved ones.

  • Flora & Fauna

    Flora & Fauna - Chocolate Gannets

    The local Flora & Fauna can be seen and experienced all around the region. Koalas are common along the Great Ocean Road.

  • Apollo Bay Music Festival

    Apollo Bay Music Festival - Chocolate Gannets

    The Apollo Bay Music Festival held every year in March or April.

  • Great Ocean Road

    Great Ocean Road - Chocolate Gannets

    The Great Ocean Road attracts visitors from all over the world. It spans around 280kms from Geelong to Warnambool.